Cafe Terra

Cafe Terra in Koramangala is now my favourite restaurant in Bangalore. If you enjoy European food, you’ll love it too.

They’ve got the full blown English breakfast — Scrambled eggs, Toast, Sausages, Fried Potato and of course, Tea. There’s also a Belgian variety which comes with Waffles and/or Muffins. Just perfect for a laid back weekend breakfast.

Don’t let the name fool you though, it’s a pretty good lunch/dinner place too. They’ve got a nice selection of omelettes (try the Chicken or the Ham & Mushroom varieties) and an omelette here is a meal in itself. The menu is not restricted to European food only: they have got some finger-licking good Thai, Sri Lankan(!), Tibetan, etc. dishes too. Have a look at the (nearly) complete menu at their website.

The food, excellent as it is, is not the only thing going for the place. The ambience is unbeatable. It’s a small room with six to seven simple tables surrounded by a sober decor and you tend to feel relaxed the moment you enter it. And it’s got a reasonably good collection of comic books to keep you company. Whatanidea!

The place is nearly empty most of the time. This has gotten me worried that it might close down :( . So I’ve decided to patronise it, even at the risk of getting too many people there thus spoiling the very thing I like about it. You can find directions to get there at their website.

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One Response to “Cafe Terra”

  1. Hi Sids,

    This is Ranjeet – one of the owners of Cafe Tarra. Thank you for a nice review and also your patronage!

    Like you, I too was a patron of the Cafe in its previous incarnation (then called De Lekkerbek) and I too got worried when the place appeared empty! So a friend of mine and I bought the place :-)

    Anyway, as it happens, we do make a small profit now and enjoy eating there a couple of times a week. The crowded times are Sat/Sun mornings and at other times people treacle in. But don’t worry we will not close the place :-)

    All the best,

    p.s. If you are a foodie then let me know any cool recipes that you may be aware of.